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Here to help you on your road to recovery from alcohol abuse and other addictions.
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Alcoholic in recovery

Welcome to Alcoholic in Recovery, where I hope you will find information that will help you on your road to your recovery from addiction whatever that maybe?

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Help and support

  • 20 Lies Addicts Say to Justify their Addiction

    Here are some examples of addict speak. “It’s not that bad.”At the first sign of confrontation, an addict will minimize their addiction by claiming it isn’t that ...

  • Addiction

    Are You an Alcoholic ?

    Can you relate? • You drink to cope with the pressure of your work. • You seem to be always late for work. • You want to stop drinking but can not. • The urge to ...

  • Opioid

    Opioid Crisis America’s Epidemic

    Opioid Crisis America’s Epidemic Opioid addiction has become a 50-state epidemic. It travels along Interstates as some form of smuggled heroin. It streams out of what w...

Help and support

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